* TORONTO JAZZ FESTIVAL - JULY 1st, 2016:  Simone will perform with her Trio as part of TD Toronto Jazz Fest from 7:30-11:00pm at HARLEM RESTAURANT (67 Richmond St E, 416-368-1920,  No call ahead for a table though as this is a divinely intimate venue.

* FRIDAY, JULY 22nd, 2016:  Simone and Mike Freedman perform as a Duo at 120 DINER (120 Church St, 416-792-7725, as part of their July Jazz Series, 6:00-8:00pm. PWYC, $10-$20 suggested. 


Not content to be put in a box, this jazz collective's repertoire reflects diverse influences and deep musical loves. It's all about crossing musical genres in a Jazz context... Expect to be pleasantly surprised when you hear Nat King Cole between The Doors and Joni Mitchell, or world beats on a '70's pop ballad, followed by a Billie Holliday classic, or swing-infused Sting. Performing a wide range of classics & standards, new & old, the group draws inspiration from many genres to create a truly memorable experience.  In their own unique style, whether as an intimate Duo or a dynamic Quartet, the group fuses the music with soul & sincerity, giving each song it's own special sound.

Featuring Simone Morris (Vocals), Mike Freedman (Guitar), Mike Pelletier (Bass)


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